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  • Precision CNC Parts
    Machinery Repairs

    • Quality
    • Precise dimensional control
    • Certified Raw materials
  • Precision CNC Parts
    Machinery Repairs

    • Up-to-date Technology
    • Accuracy in machining
    • Fast responding to customers
  • Gear Reducers Repair

    • Complete restoration
    • Precise backlash measurement
    • In-house parts manufacturing



Our company KEL-Engineering was established in the area of Elfsis, Greece. The initial working area target was glass injection molds for the medicine and glass bottling industry. Over the years, our company evolved into manufacturing and repairing metal parts and machinery for the heavy industry. Nowadays, our company (known as Efstratios K. Legatos Workshop) operates as workshop into the area of Aspropirgos...

Custom made CNC Parts

state of the art technology
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